Quick decisions – quick delivery

The modular wasteWOIMA incineration plant will be operational in a few months after a supply agreement has been signed. The wasteWOIMA power plant is manufactured into container modules in Finland and shipped to its destination where the modules are coupled together forming a functional power plant. A plant that is built in factory conditions is considerably easier to commission than a traditional one built on site. Power stations have never before been built this innovatively and efficiently.

A modular pre-fabricated power plant

Assembling the power plant moduler is quick, once we have agreed on which energy fraction are to be produced. The end product can be thermal or electrical energy, steam, potable water, or a combination of the above. We already have ready modules and solutions for these. All that remains to be done is to prepare the site where the power plant will be located and deliver the container modules to be coupled together. Modularity also saves on design costs, because a model once designed can be easily adapted to the specific circumstances of the site.