A cleaner living environment

Our company was born out of a desire to help people in developing countries to create a cleaner living environment and  to improve their economic situation. This is why we decided to start manufacturing waste-to-energy incineration plants. The wasteWOIMA power plant is the solution for the waste problem and produces the resources the region needs as an end product: clean water and energy. This way we can improve the quality of life and create a cleaner living environment.

Green energy

We want to encourage the production of green energy. The potable water and energy created as the end products of the wasteWOIMA incineration plant are one form of recycling. They provide an ecological means of producing heat or steam for industrial processes of the region’s factories, clean water for various uses or electrical energy for the locals. In the best case scenario, an old power plant that runs on fossil fuels can be replaced with an ecological wasteWOIMA plant.